FREE is an overused and abused buzz word. So why are we using it and what do we mean by free? The minimum requirements to operate the Lighting Automation System are an internet connection which you, the customer must provide. The minimum equipment needed is the router, controller and the relay. We provide these with each system purchased that meets the minimum purchase requirements. These items then allow for adding system controls like the LUX (light sensors), motion sensors and other system components to build a robust automation solution. Our systems are just that, a system. It makes it easy for our customers to program on/off times and other variables like dimming etc. You will quickly realize just how valuable the automation system is to your business. First, the lighting retrofit provides you with 70% or more in energy and maintenance savings and then the automation controls can add another layer of savings. Program your system to lower lights in areas with low usage and have motion sensors automatically raise the light level to 100% when a forklift or person enters the area. The system is designed to work with LUX sensors to maintain required light levels when used with skylights. These are things that metal halides just can’t do. The Lighting Automation System will help you add another means of controlling your utility costs.