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Rugged IP Cameras for Extreme Applications

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Many CCTV systems must operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in harsh environments as part of mission-critical video surveillance applications, including oil and gas, railway, ITS, and city traffic systems. In order to provide a constant stream of video images, system reliability is absolutely essential. As a leading provider of rugged IP surveillance solutions with superior video image quality, Lighting Automation provides an array of camera solutions. Simple and cost effective, turnkey security for Municipalities, Schools, Factories, Warehouse, Ports and Big Box Stores.

Industrial Rugged Design and Extreme Reliability

Products used in industrial environments must be rugged enough to provide protection against challenging conditions and hazards. Lighting Automation’s cameras are designed to overcome outdoor or harsh environments. They are a good solution for many industries.






Devices must be able stand up to environmental adversity in order to succeed in industrial applications. Lighting Automation’s cameras and video servers are designed to overcome outdoors or harsh environments.



Lighting Automation’s cameras deliver unparalleled reliability thanks to their exceptional tolerance of extreme temperatures. This ruggedness allows these cameras to excel in oil and gas, rolling stock, and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications.  Lighting Automation’s outdoor cameras deliver higher reliability at a lower power draw, greatly simplifying the electrical installation and maintenance of the system. The cameras are even compliant with the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard, so they can be powered simply through an Ethernet cable.

Camera image quality is fundamental for any CCTV system. Lighting Automation’s cameras include a versatile suite of image quality enhancement and intelligent video analysis (IVA) functions to optimize video image quality in many different environments.

Lighting Automation’s cameras provide best-in-class image quality with advanced image enhancement functions. With 720P HD resolution, Lighting Automation’s cameras use 3D DNR/ DNR(digital noise reduction), WDR (wide dynamic range) and BLC (back light compensation) technology to reduce noise and motion blur, overcome poor lighting conditions, and display images in a wide dynamic range of dark to light.


Camera Tampering and IVA Alarms for Smart Surveillance

Accommodating Intelligent Video Analysis functions and advanced image analysis algorithms, Lighting Automation’s rugged cameras offer quick detection over a wide variety of threats and allows user-defined motion detection of unauthorized camera tampering, virtual fence, object counting, alert zone, missing object, and unattended object. Combined with a 24MB pre-alarm buffer and prompt alert functions, the rugged camera series enable surveillance staff to quickly retrieve and review details of any abnormal events.

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Move object: Moving object tracking & recognition    Virtual Fence: A virtual “tripwire” in the camera frame will trigger an alarm whenever motion across the line is detected.    Alert Zone: Any motion detected inside the detection zone will trigger an alarm.
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Camera Tamper: Triggered when the camera lens is blocked, redirected, defocused or painted.   Removed object: The camera detects whenever an object is removed from the frame and will trigger an alarm after a certain user-defined time threshold.    Unattended objects: Tracks moving objects in the camera frame and detects abnormal loitering.

Our Security program is very comprehensive, but we have designed it to be simple to navigate.

We have basic packages for Commercial or Government customers. Our basic packages are a starter program which is easy for custom modifications to meet the needs of your business.